Exclusive Benefits and Services for Select Client Companies

Don't Settle for Ordinary

We have created exclusive benefits and services for clients who refuse to settle. No more waiting in line with the crowds for substandard service and ordinary care.

Elite Medical Access

Top medical plans, specialist referral assistance, telemedicine, executive physicals and much more.

Emergency Travel Assistance

Medical evacuation from anywhere in the world to get you immediate care or to get you home.

Personal Concierge

A national personal assistant service to plan your party, service your car, or simply pick up your dry cleaning.

A Cut Above

Venture Workforce assists a limited number of client companies who qualify for our services. We prefer to engage with select companies through partner referrals or by exclusive invitation.

Industries Most Likely to Qualify for Our Service

Venture Capital

Law Firms

Professional Services

Financial Services

Private Equity

Well Funded Startups